San Antonio, TX


    • Low season
    • 7 days
  • Cheapest days: May-02 to May-09
  • Best airport: San Antonio (TX) (SAT)
  • Airbnbs Found: 18

Trip Total

  • $194 flight
  • +
  • $127 Airbnb
  • X
  • 1
  • =
  • $321

Accurate approximate based on the cheapest prices found around the web.

7 days. May-02 to May-09

6 nights.

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Peak Months

July, August

These months see a cost increase in travel fares, lodging and even the tiny souvenirs you plan to take back home.

Preferred Airport

San Antonio (TX) (SAT)

San Antonio (TX) is one of 1 airports for this destination. This airport is preferred because of less traffic, proximity to main attractions or cost.