June 22, 2016

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be free from a meaningless life

It is a rare occasion finding someone who loves their job. For those of us, unfortunate, we do what we must at the expense of health, happiness and all the important things. Having realized this, I overturned my life. Lowered my debts, split my small house in half and rented the other side, sold my car and cut my expenditures in half. My fiancé and I are traveling the world monthly with very little, gathering with the family more often, turning our hobbies into profitable ideas and contributing more to the world by sharing our journey.

rented house

Our rented home.

We make about $2,000 of additional income monthly online, without breaking a sweat. This is enough to work a lot less and route the extra income into the things we value. We did not come up with a groundbreaking idea; we simply realized money is made through a combination of sources, not just one. I make about $1,000 by flipping any items I find online. I search for about 15 minutes each day which generates about $40 in profit. Monthly this results in $1200 (40 x 30 = 1200).  My fiancé produces the other $1,000 with her hobby by selling knitting-related wares.

Some of my profits for last month.

ebay salesscreenshot1screenshot2screenshot3

This blog is our written journey, which we hope, can inspire and help others break free.

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