August 18, 2016

How TrekBot Works

I have created and used TrekBot for a year and it has proved invaluable in my travels, so now I share it with the world. This is how it works:

  1. Finds the Cheapest Flights
    1. Uses an exact date range of a month and a half to find the cheapest flights for that period. Based on research by experts, this range is the recommended time-frame for booking a flight.
    2. Checks all combinations of days within said time-frame to find the cheapest departure/arrival times. For example, for a five-day trip, it checks if Monday to Friday, Tuesday to Saturday, Wednesday to Sunday etc are the best combination for an inexpensive rate.
    3. Checks all destinations and retrieves only those with the cheapest rate.
    4. Filters destinations based on whether a car rental is needed for that location or if it is in high touristic season.
  2. Can’t be budget without Airbnb. Amount of nights, cheapest location near main attractions are selected based on rating, cost and amount of reviews.
  3. Thoughtless Destination Finder
    1. TrekBot chooses only the most visited destinations such as Manhattan – New York, Las Vegas – Nevada or even Alaska!
    2. Finding the right airport to fly into is not always easy, so TrekBot chooses the correct airports based on researched and real-time calculated criteria, always making sure budget is the highest priority.
  4. Custom Filtered Budget Locations
    1. For those of us who work, it’s always best to choose our vacations including a weekend. TrekBot has you covered. On the menu bar, an “include weekend” button is featured which allows filtering for flights that include the full weekend.
  5. Real-time Calculations
    1. All data retrieved is re-calculated each time the user looks for destinations.
    2. Data is personal and will vary from the user’s departure location.


… but enough is enough, take TrekBot for a spin completely free.