How to Quit the Job You Hate

You need no convincing you have to move on from your current job. You already noticed something is not right, it made you begin the search that landed you here. I congratulate you for your arrival to my blog because only when we identify the ailment, can we begin to search for a cure.

You dread Sunday nights because they are a reminder of what’s to come in the morning. Once you clock-in, you are physically trapped but your mind wants to be elsewhere. You don’t belong there. You don’t care for the company politics or their end goals you want the day to rush by you so you can collect your check. You can’t leave this job because it supports you and perhaps your family. Maybe it was the job you once dreamt to have and the one you studied and worked to obtain. This only makes things worse because you have no other skills that can support you monetarily. How would everyone around you feel if you left your job to pursue your dreams? They would probably think you’re crazy, foolish or both. They could be right, but that doesn’t take away from the fact you are not happy, that life is one and it’s meant to be lived on your terms. The happier you are, the better your family will be, too. We all have potential, commonly untapped by the endless hours we spend chasing a paycheck.

The Solution

That used to be me. I now work part-time, travel every month and gather with the family and friends more often. I am constantly working in my blog and the side business without break. I could say I work more than I used to in my corporate job but it doesn’t feel that way. I find meaning in my new life and I enjoy every minute of it.

The first step I took towards liberation from the corporate grip was reducing my need on the biweekly paycheck. I split my small home in half and rented the other side. It is possible to do this as a tenant of a rented property. I sold my car debt and purchased an old, cheaper rust bucket that could get me around. I cut the TV cable and sold a lot of my clothes and every single item unnecessary for basic living. I used the money to buy cheap items online and resell them for profit (a technique that creates a decent income for me). I reduced my monthly payments by renegotiating interest on my debts.


I prepared a Power Point presentation to show my boss the benefits of having me work part-time while yielding the same production. It worked. It worked because he knew the company would save money and if I left, he would have to teach someone anew.

There is nothing wrong with seeking a meaningful life. To me, it felt wrong however, to live a life of regret because I did nothing to change my self-imposed corporate shackles.

How to Leave the Job You Hate Summary

  1. Reduce the need of the paychecks from your current job. Be willing to make sacrifices. The average person lives on $10 a day.
  1. Create a small, supplementary income on the side from your hobby or any activities you love. how to make $1,000 a month from any hobby.
  1. If you reduced your need on the corporate paycheck the side-income should be sufficient. If not, consider negotiating a part-time position while you grow the revenues from your supplemental income.

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