Find Sites that Accept Guest Posts With the Click of a Button

find guest post websites free and fastThere are many paid services out there and outdated tools for finding websites that accept guest posts. They all have a catch. The best, most updated and free way to find guest-post sites for a niche has been hiding right under our noses all this time.

Simply, type this command in Google’s search bar to find similar websites in that niche that contain words like “contribute” or “guest post”. ~”guest post” | ~”contribute”

  1. Replace with your own niche site.
  2. No spaces between related: and the website.
  3. You can add more search terms separated by the pipe symbol and surrounded in quotes.


How does it work?

Google is the best website index out there and we can use this to our advantage by searching that index with specific terms and website categories. The “related” keyword searches for websites that match the input site. The consecutive terms are words that should be contained within the site, anywhere. The beauty of this command is that it uses synonyms to our listed words or phrases, so our search for guest-post links is a lot more accurate. The pipe symbol “|” means that the site can contain either of the listed terms, further refining our search.

How is this different to the “Advanced Search” feature?

The advanced search, to my knowledge, does not allow searching for related sites, the most important feature of the above command. Additionally, it does not allow to search for synonyms and phrases.

This is a command of my own crafting. Feel free to customize it to further improve your hunt for guest-posting sites out there.


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